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Wavetale Review - Gravity Crash


Wavetale is something like Gravity Rush by way of a 2000s platformer. Its art style, story, setting, combat, and movement are all very similar to Gravity Rush in roughly descending order. The 2000s platformer comparison comes from its puzzles and boss fights, which will feel familiar if you've played Ratchet & Clank, Battle for Bikini Bottom, etc. If you haven't played Gravity Rush or any of those games, you're getting a cartoony post apocalyptic game about a girl with magic powers sliding and jumping around vaguely Victorian ruins and slamming into enemies to kill them. It's not very original, but it works.


Wavetale isn't explicitly advertised as a kid's game, but I think it's best to go into it knowing that it easily could be one. The combat and platforming are incredibly easy and the story, while surprisingly well done, could easily work as a Saturday morning cartoon. I don't think there's anything here that will give more experienced players even a hint of trouble, so it'll have to be the story or movement that carries the game for you.


The main criticism I've seen of it is that it's too short, which is hard to argue against for a game that takes 3.5 hours and costs $30. It's definitely at least twice as expensive as it should be, which unfortunately also really hurts its value as a kid's game. That said, I think the real flaw is the price rather than the length. As short as it is, the runtime feels almost perfect for what this game has to offer, and I don't think they could've extended it without a bunch of pointless padding. Sales will be your friend here.

Provided you can get it for 50% or so off (I got it for $13.49) and don't mind a very low difficulty, this is a pretty easy recommendation. The optional content is not worth bothering with at all, so unless you're playing with very young kids, I don't think you can get much more than 3-4 hours out of it. If an afternoon or weekend's worth of lighthearted story and fun movement sounds good to you, give it a look.

Rating: 80%

Time to beat: 3.5 hours for the worthwhile stuff

MSRP: $30, which is far too high

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