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Party Party Time Review - Party Starter

Party Party Time

Party Party Time is a collection of minigames that's very much like Mario Party without the board game part. Up to six players compete in up to 16 different games and earn points based on how they place, ultimately leading to one player being crowned the overall winner. SAT-BOX has made quite a few games in this format, but Party Party Time stands out for the variety and quality of minigames on offer.

Party Party Time

Some of the minigames are very blatantly copied from Mario Party, but I don't have an issue with that since MP isn't available on PC and the cloned games work well. A couple of games that look like clones actually have fun twists, like a hot potato game that requires you to execute increasingly complex button press combos in order to pass the bomb. The only real problem with the games is that none of them have a practice mode and the instructions can be vague, so sometimes you're not entirely sure what you're supposed to be doing when you start a game. That'd be even more of a problem if you're playing with kids, who seem like the intended audience.

Party Party Time

Unlike most party games of this sort, PPT also has a bunch of co-op games where all players work together to complete a task. You have to do these in the free play mode instead of in the tournament, but they're worth checking out. Most of them are challenging enough to be interesting and a few are actually pretty hard.

Party Party Time

PPT isn't close to beating Pummel Party for my favorite game of this type because it doesn't have either the boardgame mode or workshop support, but I was still very pleasantly surprised by how good it is. The game selection is remarkably strong for a $5 game and it has plenty of DLCs to expand that selection even more. I can see this becoming a popular option when I want a quick and simple party game as opposed to the hour-plus rounds that Pummel Party offers. I'll definitely also be checking out those DLCs.

Rating: 80%

Time to beat: Playing every game once takes 45 minutes or so, but the length is customizable

MSRP: $5

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