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Let's Play Every GameBoy Color Game, Part 13

Duke Nukem (Torus Games/GT Interactive, 1999)

I was expecting this to be an attempt to get the original running on GBC, but it's actually just a character platformer with a shotgun. There's no weight to shooting and you hardly see any effect of your bullets until something dies. It's not great.

The Dukes of Hazard: Racing for Home (Spellbound/South Peak, 2000)

A racing game in which your car makes horrible noises and the controls are bad. There sure are a lot of these.

Dungeon Savior (J-Wing, 2000)

Not sure why this stayed in Japan. It's basically Dungeon Keeper. You make a dungeon, place heroes and traps and whatnot around the maze, and then eventually stuff tries to get through it. I personally do not enjoy this genre at all, but it seems quite fully featured considering the platform.

DX Jinsei (Takara, 2001)

I got really scared when the game opened with "The Game of Life" in English, but it turns out it doesn't have much to do with that other than being a board game with spinner movement. You start out as a kid and moving around on the board takes you through life events (elementary school is up there), while landing on different spaces triggers events that raise or use your stats. Still effectively a roll-and-move game, but more interesting. That's good, because I have a physical cart of the sequel.

DX Monopoly GB (Takara, 2000)

Just Monopoly. You're playing in a tournament. It shows the above screen (with a description of the current space up top) when you're moving instead of the actual board for some reason.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - Digital Companion (Powerhead/NewKidCo, 2001)

Supposedly this is a PDA for kids, but I'm pretty sure it's an elaborate ID theft scheme. It wants your full name, birthday, full home address, favorite color/food/activity/band, least favorite of all those, and then I stopped because I wasn't convinced there would ever be a game.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - Escape From Planet Earth (Saffire/NewKidCo, 2001)

Ride the bike around and do crazy high jumps to clear fences. When you touch the little black holes on the ground you have to play a maze level as ET. It's better than the Atari 2600 game, but that is about all you can say for it.

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial and the Cosmic Garden (Zed Two Limited/NewKidCo, 2002)

That screenshot isn't representative, but I had to show how gross ET looks. The real game is all about gardening in space. You have to keep your plants alive despite alien pests and space hazards, and if you're good enough you get more levels. Really needed a tutorial, because it's not intuitive.

Earthworm Jim: Menace 2 the Galaxy (David A. Palmer Productions/Crave Entertainment, 1999)

I've never been interested in this series, and the GBC version has not changed that. A character platformer with loud gun noises and extremely repetitive backgrounds that make it very hard to tell where you are.

ECW Hardcore Revolution (Crawfish Interactive/Acclaim Entertainment, 2000)

That man is laying on the ground because I suplexed him. I didn't get a screenshot of that, so you'll have to believe me. It's a wrestling fighting game that doesn't seem very good, but it's probably about the best you could get on GBC.


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