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Let's Play Every GameBoy Color Game, Part 12

Dragon Tales: Dragon Flight (New Kid Co/Zed Two Limited, 2000)

Another spinoff of the cartoon, but now you can only play as the dragons and the graphics are a mess. It's really just about flying through patterns of fruit, which is boring and easy.

Dragon Warrior I & II (TOSE/Enix, 2000)

The first two DQ games in one cart. About as basic of RPGs as you'd expect, but some of the humor was already coming through back then.

Dragon Warrior III (TOSE/Enix, 2001)

The third DQ game, which is a pretty dramatic leap in quality. It lets you pick a male or female protag, and does a weird personality quiz thing at the beginning, although it wasn't clear what any of that actually changed other than some minor NPC dialogue. Still, the writing managed to hold my attention and the battles have some nice animations, so it was a lot more than I expected.

Dragon Warrior Monsters (TOSE/Enix, 2000)

I don't think there was ever any doubt that this was trying to cash in on Pokemon. From what I played, it has a more involved story but a battle system that's basically just regular DQ again.

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey and Tara's Adventure (TOSE/Enix, 2001)

Not content with how much it was being compared to Pokemon already, DQM apparently decided to jump right in to pointless second versions. Instead of letting you pick a protag like in DQ3, you have to buy a different game depending on who you want to play as. Basically nothing else changes between the two, right down to most of the dialogue.

Dragon's Lair (Digital Eclipse/Capcom, 2001)

I'd always heard this was comically unfair, but you really can't appreciate how unfair it actually is without playing it. I skipped the tutorial because that seemed like a good decision at the time, then proceeded to immediately fall through a hole in a bridge that clearly doesn't have a hole and get eaten by a moat monster. None of the buttons seemed to change anything when I mashed them on the second and third attempts.

Driver: You Are the Wheelman (Crawfish Interactive/Infogrames, 2000)

Drive a car around and try not to hit too many things. You have a dedicated meter for felonies, but crashing into cars at high speed is apparently not one of those. It's just as well, because the controls are nearly unusable and hitting things at high speed is just how it's going to be.

Dropzone (Awesome Developments/Acclaim, 1999)

It's Defender with an astronaut instead of a spaceship. Not particularly notable for anything other than being the only game I've ever seen that officially calls lives "men".

DT: Lords of Genomes (Game Studio/Media Factory)

I very quickly started mashing through the plot because it started out talking about how great this one girl who happened to be an idol was and how sad this guy who didn't have a girlfriend was, so of course they immediately start talking and I got bored. Somehow in a few pages of text it went from there to some guy getting murdered in a shop and then another guy coming in and turning into a goat. Goat-man then challenged me to a card battle, but there wasn't any tutorial and I wasn't able to do anything for some reason. It was an experience.


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