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Let's Play Every GameBoy Color Game, Part 11

Doraemon no Quiz Boy 2 (Shogakukuan, 2002)

Now with a practice mode where you can focus on only one subject. Still basically flash cards.

Doraemon no Study Boy: Gakushuu Kanji Game (Shogakukuan, 2001)

"Kanji Study Game" is in fact a game about studying the kanji. I am not convinced that sliding block puzzles will actually help anyone, though.

Doraemon no Study Boy: Kanji Yomikaki Master (Shogakukuan, 2003)

This was the last GBC game ever released. It is about reading and writing the kanji, and you're looking at the reading section. Another one that's basically flash cards.

Doraemon no Study Boy: Kuku Game (Shogakukan, 2000)

Math problems slide down and you have to click on the right answer before they reach the bottom. If you're right, the problem goes away and you reveal a piece of the picture.

Doug's Big Game (Ubisoft/Magellan Interactive, 2000)

I sure didn't remember this franchise. The game has Doug walking around a mall looking for Patti while some truly awful music plays. I got far enough to see this arcade with only one game and to find out that Patti wasn't in the mall at all before the music got to be too much.

Dr. Rin ni Kiitemite: Koi no Rin Fuusui (Hudson Soft/Will, 2002)

Ask Dr. Rin is apparently a manga series about a girl who uses her feng shui powers to be a fortune teller. This has you play as some rando who, I think, reaches out to Dr Rin for help getting a boyfriend. Half the game is playing fortune telling minigames, writing in your diary, and playing a dress up game that doesn't change your appearance. The other half is the VN with boring backgrounds seen above. There was a lot of plot that wasn't much more interesting than the backgrounds, so I have to be honest and say I lost interest in trying to translate basically immediately.

Dracula: Crazy Vampire (DreamCatcher/Planet Interactive, 2001)

If you'd asked me before this game, I'd have said it was impossible for a GBC game to give anyone motion sickness. I would've been wrong, because the ridiculous camera swings whenever you press a new direction pull it off in this game. For some reason it wants Dracula to be 80% of the screen away from whatever direction you're pressing, so it has to shift your whole view by up to 60% whenever you turn. Horrible.

Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors (Banpresto, 2002)

A DBZ card battler where you have to input button combos after your attacks to make them more effective. It seems like it's probably pretty good, which isn't that shocking given Banpresto's involvement, but I just don't care about DBZ at all.

Dragon Dance (Crave Entertainment/Natsume, 2000)

Breakout, except you play as a dragon who curls up to be 2x2 instead of 4x1 whenever it stops moving. Why would you ever want that, you might ask? I have no idea, because it doesn't bother with any kind of a tutorial or introduction. There are powerups that don't seem to do anything and the numbers 1-10 in the corner. It's all very mysterious.

Dragon Tales: Dragon Adventures (NewKidCo/Handheld Games, 2001)

Here's a series I know I loved as a kid, but that I remember nothing about. The game is another character platformer, although it does at least shake things up a little bit by having four playable characters and annoying little Navis who force you to stop and listen to them approximately every three steps.


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