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Let's Play Every Game Boy Color Game, Part 78

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule GB

Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule GB (Konami, 2000)

Yugi and friends are at the Kaiba Amusement Park, but Kaiba knocks out everyone except Yugi with a magic spell, so he has to climb a tower to get them all back. You get monsters out of gacha machines using star tokens, which is where the name comes from. I wish it had a theme that interested me more, because the music is great and I'm always a fan of these Pokemon-esque graphics.

Zebco Fishing!

Zebco Fishing! (Vicarious Visions/Vatical Entertainment, 1999)

The latest entry in the "how did Vicarious Visions survive the GBC?" list is this crappy fishing game. It's shot from a helicopter view, for some reason, and reeling in when the "FISH" indicator says bite never resulted in me getting any fish. The only nice thing I can say about it is that the voice clips they recorded for menu actions sound surprisingly good.

Zen-Nippon Shounen Soccer Taikai: Mezase Nippon Ichi!

Zen-Nippon Shounen Soccer Taikai: Mezase Nippon Ichi! (Boom!/Success, 2001)

It's another one of those Japanese high school sports management games, this time with the goal of winning the national soccer tournament. The pregame management parts of it all seem okay, but the game view is a disaster. Sure, it looks far better than any other soccer game in an isolated screenshot, but they way they got there was only showing about an eighth of the field at a time, and every time the ball goes to a different area, it cuts to black for a bit while it loads that in. This makes the game incomprehensible.

Zidane: Football Generation

Zidane: Football Generation (Aqua Pacific/Cryo Interactive, 2002)

This is the slowest soccer game I've ever played. With or without the ball, players more so slowly that it wouldn't even be acceptable as an RPG walk speed, and on top of that you can barely get any power into passes or shots. "Worst soccer game on GBC" is a high bar, but this has a good claim to it. And they couldn't even be bothered to make up player names!

Zoboomafoo: Playtime in Zobooland

Zoboomafoo: Playtime in Zobooland (Vicarious Visions/Encore Software, 2001)

A basic platformer in which you need to collect all the lost animal cards. There's a meter that fills up when you collect fruit, but I don't know what it's for. I also can't decide if I like the music or not.

Zoids: Jashin Fukkatsu! Genobreaker Hen

Zoids: Jashin Fukkatsu! Genobreaker Hen (Tomy, 2000)

A turn based RPG set in the Zoids universe. I'm not sure that I'd have gone with that genre for a series about explosive mech battles, but they did at least put some effort into animating the special attacks.

Zoids: Shirogane no Jukishin Liger Zero

Zoids: Shirogane no Jukishin Liger Zero (Will/Tomy, 2001)

Still a turn based RPG, but now in first person and with somewhat better attack animations. The other notable change is that the music alternates between being pretty good and throwing ear splitting noises at you. Can't really recommend.

Zok Zok Heroes

Zok Zok Heroes (KAZe/Media Factory, 2000)

The alphabetically last GBC game is this super hero RPG that takes an unbelievably long time to get to the point about anything. It took me 10 minutes to see this first battle even with mashing through all the dialogue, and then it turned out to be a scripted loss anyway. I like the idea of a customizable hero RPG, but it really needed to learn how to get to the point.


And that's it! All 924 officially released GBC games in the bag. It would bother me forever if I didn't make posts for the ~70 games that I covered in Discord before switching to the blogs, though, I'll be adding them as bonus entries over the next few days. I'm also going to read over what I said about the rest of the first half of the alphabet and add games to the list if I think they'd have made it under my current standards.


The list:

  1. Golf Ou: The King of Golf

  2. John Romero's Daikatana

  3. Kakurenbou Battle Monster Tactics

  4. Keitai Denju Telefang

  5. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

  6. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

  7. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

  8. LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge

  9. Magi Nation

  10. Mario Golf

  11. Mario Tennis

  12. Metal Gear Solid

  13. Metamode

  14. Millennium Winter Sports

  15. Mobile Golf

  16. Monkey Puncher

  17. Perfect Dark

  18. Pokemon Crystal Version

  19. Pokemon Card GB2 - GR Dan Sanjou!

  20. Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

  21. Pokemon Trading Card Game

  22. Power Quest

  23. Quest for Camelot

  24. Return of the Ninja

  25. Samurai Kid

  26. Scooby Doo! Classic Creep Capers

  27. SD Hiryuu no Ken EX

  28. Shanghai Pocket

  29. Shantae

  30. Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children: Aka no Shou

  31. Space-Net: Cosmo Blue

  32. Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

  33. Survival Kids

  34. V-Rally: Edition '99

  35. Wacky Races

  36. Wario Land II

  37. Wario Land 3

  38. Wendy: Every Witch Way

  39. Xtreme Sports

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