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Let's Play Every Game Boy Color Game, Part 54

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Pokemon Gold Version

Pokemon Gold Version (Game Freak/Nintendo, 1999)

We're going out of alphabetical order here because Gold has all the personal context for the other two. This was, much more than any other game, what I grew up with. I've probably finished it a dozen or more times, and until recent games made it much easier, it was the only game I'd ever seen a shiny or had a level 100 in. Still, as personally significant to me as it is and will always be, HeartGold remakes it to be better in every way, and even that is a distant second or third to BW2 for my favorite game in the series. There's not much reason to go back now.

Pokemon Silver Version

Pokemon Silver Version (Game Freak/Nintendo, 1999)

Silver, meanwhile, is a game I technically owned but almost immediately gave to my sibling. I've done battles against and traded with copies of Silver many times, but I'm not sure I ever actually played it. Not that there's really a reason to, with this being Pokemon and all. The differences are very minor.

Pokemon Crystal Version

Pokemon Crystal Version (Game Freak/Nintendo, 2000)

You'd probably expect me to have played through this at least a few times, given the above. Surely I at least know all the changes it made to the base games. But no, I never owned Crystal, and we ended up moving to another state right after one of my friends got it, so I've barely seen this game at all. For all the content they do have, HG/SS didn't actually remake everything from Crystal, so unlike Gold there's actually stuff here that you can't play anywhere else. And that's good enough for the list.

Pokemon Card GB2 - GR Dan Sanjou!

Pokemon Card GB2 - GR Dan Sanjou! (Hudson/The Pokemon Company, 2001)

I don't think it's any secret at this point that the original TCG game was far better than it had any right to be, but GB2 never released outside of Japan. It's obviously going on the list, so we'll eventually find out if it can hold a candle to the original. For now, though, I just want to point out how practically all of the male Pokemon leads could cosplay as each other without anyone noticing. Put a different hat and shirt on that guy and he can be whichever game lead you want.

Pokemon Pinball

Pokemon Pinball (Jupiter Corporation/Nintendo, 1999)

I actually didn't know that this came out on GBC, so it's cool to see another version of it. That said, I still don't like pinball, and theming it to Pokemon doesn't change that.

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (Intelligent Systems/Nintendo, 2000)

Another game I didn't know existed. Like its N64 cousin, this is really just a reskin of Panel de pon, but this one actually did come out with a Pokemon theme in Japan as well. They put a lot more effort into the theme because of that, and you get appropriate music for all the gym leaders as well as having spaces for what looks like new Pokemon to join your party later. To the list!

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon Trading Card Game (Hudson/Nintendo, 1998)

I wasn't sure if I was going to put this one on the list as well, but I'd forgotten how great the battle theme is. And besides, taking a game as bad as the TCG and somehow turning it into something fun is quite an accomplishment.

Polaris SnoCross

Polaris SnoCross (Vicarious Visions/Vatical Entertainment, 2000)

This is so close to being good. It wisely borrows its mechanics from MicroMachines rather than Outrun, has interesting track designs, great music, and even lets you customize the stats of your snowmobile. But then it goes and makes the AI nearly impossible to catch up with if you make any mistake at all and sometimes the lead racer even has better stats so you can't catch up regardless of your performance.

Pong: The Next Level

Pong: The Next Level (Morning Star Multimedia/Hasbro Interactive, 1999)

A collection of different themed Pong games. The one above is "Jungle Pong", and I also tried "Soccer Pong", which is just Foosball. All of these would've been fine Flash games, but the idea of paying for a whole game of just Pong even 22 years ago is kind of crazy.

Pooh and Tigger's Hunny Safari

Pooh and Tigger's Hunny Safari (Digital Eclipse/Electronic Arts, 2001)

Yes, they actually spelled honey that way. Despite the blank screenshot, I actually did get to see a boring intro with terrible music before it crashed. I could've gone back and taken a real screenshot of that instead of using this black screen, but then I'd have to hear the music again. That was not a price worth paying.


The list:

  1. Golf Ou: The King of Golf

  2. John Romero's Daikatana

  3. Kakurenbou Battle Monster Tactics

  4. Keitai Denju Telefang

  5. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

  6. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

  7. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

  8. LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge

  9. Magi Nation

  10. Mario Golf

  11. Mario Tennis

  12. Metal Gear Solid

  13. Metamode

  14. Millennium Winter Sports

  15. Mobile Golf

  16. Monkey Puncher

  17. Perfect Dark

  18. Pokemon Crystal Version

  19. Pokemon Card GB2 - GR Dan Sanjou!

  20. Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

  21. Pokemon Trading Card Game

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