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Let's Play Every Game Boy Color Game, Part 40

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Today we have 12 games that are all the same thing. I'm including the month and day in release dates for this post to emphasize how little time went in to each of these turds.

Medarot 2: Kabuto Version and Kuwagata Version (Natsume/Imagineer, 7/23/1999)

The first two Medarot games on GBC followed the Pokemon formula very closely by making two identical versions and not even bothering to add a color palette shift or something. They're extremely long-winded sequences of being asked to talk to a person or go to a place without being told where that is, and nothing interesting ever happens. I stopped translating pretty quickly because the writing was awful and the music was on an obnoxious loop of about 15 seconds.

Medarot 2: Parts Collection (Imagineer, 10/29/1999)

The first couple games released a follow-up with this subtitle. All of them are different games from the main two, but all of them also came out so absurdly quickly that they reuse a bunch of assets and didn't have time to make a more compelling intro than the same crap every one of these does.

Medarot 3 (Natsume/Imagineer, 7/23/2000)

I'm not going to keep typing out the two version names because they never change. The year between main releases with these two is the longest gap they ever had on GBC, but it still only gave them time to make a fancy animated intro and redo the graphics. It still takes place on a nearly identical map with the same bad music, and it still takes entirely too long to get to any gameplay.

Medarot 3: Parts Collection (Natsume/Imagineer, 11/24/2000)

Releasing a new game in four months is much less impressive when you've recycled pretty much all of the assets from your last game. Some people might say releasing a sequel just four months after putting out two versions of the last game is ridiculous, but Imagineer does not care.

Medarot 4 (Natsume/Imagineer, 3/23/2001)

I know what you're thinking. "That looks like a new map up there" Well, it's not. That's the school from Medarot 2: Parts Collection with slightly redone sprites. Which is fitting, because the only difference between these two games is that the robot guy in the second screenshot is red in Kabuto. Exciting stuff.

Medarot 5: Susutake Mura no Tenkousei (Imagineer, 12/14/2001)

Okay, this one is actually, at last, a totally different game from all the others. All the graphics are new and much improved, the music doesn't loop multiple times per minute, and the writing seemed tolerable. I'd probably have more positive things to say about it if this had been the first and only Medarot game on GBC, but it's actually the 10th and I want nothing to do with this crap.

Medarot Card Robottle (TOSE/Imagineer, 3/10/2000)

Despite having a different dev than all the others, it still uses largely recycled assets. I assume this is a knockoff of the Pokemon Trading Card Game GBC releases, but I wouldn't know because this is the twelfth game in the series on GBC and I can't be arsed to spend much of any time with it. Even famously game-spammy Pokemon only managed seven GBC games. Twelve for your crappy knockoff anime no one cares about is ridiculous.


The list:

  1. Golf Ou: The King of Golf

  2. John Romero's Daikatana

  3. Kakurenbou Battle Monster Tactics

  4. Keitai Denju Telefang

  5. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

  6. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

  7. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

  8. LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge

  9. Magi Nation

  10. Mario Golf

  11. Mario Tennis

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