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Let's Play Every Game Boy Color Game, Part 26

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Inspector Gadget: Operation Madkactus

Inspector Gadget: Operation Madkactus (RFX Interactive/Ubisoft, 2000)

Yet another character platformer with some weird colors going on in the background. The first level interrupts your progress approximately every two seconds to give you a tutorial popup. You can only attack with a stupid little hammer that hits at almost exactly your height, so of course the filled the first level with enemies that are barely off the ground.

International Karate 2000

International Karate 2000 (Studio 3, 2000)

A fighting game that doesn't seem very notable. There's a score tracker, so I guess it's probably possible to win on points instead of KOs.

International Rally

International Rally (Konami, 1999)

An Outrun-style game that is supposedly a rally game. There are other cars on the track and it takes place on a paved road, though, and neither of those things is typically associated with rally. A bit strange.

International Superstar Soccer '99

International Superstar Soccer '99 (Konami, 1999)

It's probably the best looking of the GBC soccer games I've seen so far, but the graphics came with a drop in frame rate to the point that you can see it chopping from one frame to the next. Unsurprisingly, it controls terribly.

International Superstar Soccer 2000

International Superstar Soccer 2000 (Konami, 2000)

The sequel found time to both look and play much better. I actually considered adding it to the list of games to return to, but the keepers are ridiculous and make it almost impossible to score. I had 20-something shots in the game above and still couldn't break the draw.

International Track & Field

International Track & Field (Konami, 1999)

This came out less than a year before the vastly superior ESPN International Track & Field that came up earlier. I imagine this was used as a base to make that game, and unfortunately that means that there's pretty much no reason to come back to this.

Itsudemo Pachinko GB: CR Monster House

Itsudemo Pachinko GB: CR Monster House (Graphic Research/Tamsoft, 2000)

CR Monster House must be a real Pachinko machine, because this is a game from a completely different dev and publisher using an identical board and name. I'm not sure how you set shot power in this version but otherwise it's, unsurprisingly, basically the same game.

J. League Excite Stage GB

J. League Excite Stage GB (Art/Epoch, 1999)

A very fast arcadey soccer game with teams from Japan's J League. The ridiculous speed is probably the most notable part, but it also has different (and good!) music for each half.

J. League Excite Stage Tactics

J. League Excite Stage Tactics (Epoch, 2001)

Not even remotely the same game. Somehow the sequel turned into a soccer management sim. Oddly, you're not the actual manager and don't control tactics in the games. Equally oddly, they changed the graphics style so that it looks much more like the International Superstar Soccer games above when it zooms in for highlights. Doesn't seem very worthwhile.


Jagainu-kun (Pack-in-video/Victor Interactive Software, 2000)

A game about a bunch of fruits and vegetables that look vaguely like animals. They talk to each other while bad music plays, and occasionally they move about and do boring things. It opens with an several paragraphs of text explaining how to play its dance minigame, but then that minigame turns out to be completely optional because you can just pause and pick "return" to skip it before it even starts. This game sucks and I hate it.


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