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Let's Play Every Game Boy Color Game, Part 20

Grand Theft Auto 2 (Tarantula Studios/Rockstar Games, 2000)

Pretty much the same as the first one, but now with more characters to pick from and an inverted dpad. Yeah. Down is up, left is right, right is left, and up does nothing. This makes navigation extremely difficult, but thankfully there's still nothing to do anyway.

Grandia: Parallel Trippers (Game Arts/Hudson, 2000)

Some kid steals your Game Boy, so you and your friend Mizuki race into an abandoned school house to get it back. A portal opens up and sucks you into the weird dimension above, where you're all alone with a bunch of weirdos and their bat-things. I had to stop without getting to real gameplay in the interest of time, but it doesn't seem to have been received all that well in Japan.

Granduel: Shinki Dungeon no Hihou (Studio VeX/Bottom Up, 1999)

A dungeon crawler where the battles used cards. You play an attack card, they play a defense card, some math turns them into numbers, and they take damage equal to the difference. It's not particularly interesting and the dungeons are full of annoying invisible traps.

The Great Battle POCKET (Alpha Unit/Banpresto, 1999)

A sort of Pokemon-like where you're always doing triple battles. All your mons have three moves that use different AP totals and hit different spaces on the 3x3 grid, and the two teams slug it out until one side is dead. Not bad, but also not remarkable.

Gremlins: Unleashed (Planet Interactive/Light and Shadow Production, 2001)

Oh, look. Another character platformer from Planet and Light and Shadow that looks exactly like all the others. At least you knew what you were getting from them.

The Grinch (Konami, 2000)

A stealth game, of all things. You need to collect all the presents without the NPCs touching you. The one in this level just moved randomly, but in later levels they have patterns to account for. Not sure why they added a timer.

Guruguru Garakutas (Multimedia Intelligence Transfer/Atlus, 1999)

Seems like some kind of adventure game, but it was taking forever to get to gameplay even with mashing and the music was unbearable. I gave up without finding out exactly what it was, but I can say that it's ugly, sounds terrible, and I was frustrated with how much of a moron the main character is even though I wasn't reading the dialogue. All the screenshots I see online are from slightly earlier than the one above, so it's possible that I've played more of this game than anyone else could bear to.

Guruguru Town Hanamura-kun (J-Wing, 2001)

By this point J-Wing had apparently given up and decided to make essentially flash cards. The alligator vampire above is asking me to translate the word for tea into English, and that followed questions about the words for bird and water. I can think of better ways to do vocab study.

Gute Zeiten Schlecte Zeiten Quiz (Software 2000, 2000)

A quiz game in German. I don't know what I'm being asked, and I'm also not sure if I got it right.

Gyouten Ningen Batseelor: Doctor Guy no Yabou (Konami, 2001)

A turn based RPG that didn't seem all that interesting. Apparently based on a manga that only ran for two years.


Running list of games to come back to:

  1. Golf Ou: The King of Golf

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