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Let's Play Every Game Boy Color Game, Part 19

Gift (Cryo Interactive, 2001)

A European-exclusive release that was a spinoff of a console game that Wikipedia describes as a platformer parodying adventure games. That's quite a line of descriptions for what's really just a simple Zelda-style puzzle game. You have a dinky little sword that enemies in two hits, and you need to press switches and whatnot to go through doors sometimes. The music is dreadful. It was released as Gifty in Germany, for some reason.

Gobs of Games (2N Productions/3DO, 2000)

One of those big public domain game packs that, for once, neglects to say how many games it has. The only interesting bit is that there's a whole category for "Board Games", but then it only has checkers.

Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars (Crawfish Interactive/Crave Entertainment, 2000)

Windows treats a space as alphabetically earlier than either an end of string or any other character, so you might notice some weird ordering with games like this one and the next. Odd alphabetization aside, it's a licensed game based on a forgotten 90's cartoon about Godzilla. You very slowly walk right and shoot enemies with fire before they shoot you with guns.

Godzilla: The Series (Crawfish Interactive/Crave Entertainment, 1999)

It's not clear what Crawfish spent the year between this game and the last one working on, because this is exactly the same thing with arguably better backgrounds and some arrows around your score instead of a "fire" meter.

Gold and Glory: The Road to El Dorado (Planet Interactive/Ubisoft)

2000 was a big year for animated movies about South America, but this one is much less remembered than Emperor's New Groove despite having Elton John narrating. So I learned today. The GBC game is just as unremarkable as the ENG game, though. It's a character platformer with bad music and drop snakes. The disappointed snake you see above jumped out of the window up there and missed me by approximately six miles, then slithered away as if nothing happened.

Golf Daisuki (KID, 1999)

A golf game that actually looks quite good for GBC and has some well-realized systems. Unfortunately, they had to compromise on the animation to get it working, and you usually can't tell what happened to your shot until it cuts to the map to show you where it landed. That's kind of a big issue for an otherwise good golf game.

Golf Ou: The King of Golf (Digital Kids, 1999)

The two parts of this games title mean exactly the same thing. Odd as that is, the game itself is great. It has interesting holes, caddies that give you advice before each drive, and it animates each shot in 3D. I don't think it's very long, so I'm going to come back and finish it after getting through the GBC alphabet. Great surprise find.

Gonta no Okiraku Daibouken (Lay-up, 2000)

One of those town exploration games, but you play as a dog. That's an extremely unappealing concept to me, so I sort of just mashed through everything and wandered around for a bit. Probably more interesting if you're a dog person.

Goraku ou Tango! (J-Wing, 2000)

I thought the unfinished game yesterday was going to be the weirdest thing we saw from J-Wing, but along came this game. It starts with a segment that escalates incredibly quickly from a Japanese kid introducing his American home stay family to the daughter saying her parents are missing, to a professor who wants to file a missing persons report, but the daughter says the police can't help, and then suddenly the mom shows up with a letter and the kids and professor need to go search for the dad but the mom is staying back to wait for him. It's a trip. Then you need to pick where in the world to look, so I choose Ireland, and I was immediately presented with this screen. The text up top was flickering and didn't all get captured, but it says to form words for grains. I got "ine", meaning rice, and "mugi", meaning wheat, and have no idea what to do with "zu" and "da". My wheat vocabulary needs work, I guess.

Grand Theft Auto (Tarantula Studios/Rockstar Games, 1999)

I've never been interested in GTA, and this did not do much to change my mind. You can walk around very slowly and step in front of cars to make them stop. None of the buttons do anything, so that seems to be about it. Maybe there was a store or a character I could talk to to get gameplay if I'd kept going, but I didn't care enough to find out. I have no idea what I had x5 of.


Running list of games to come back to:

  1. Golf Ou: King of Golf

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